Art of Recovery Expo 9/16/17

2017 Keynote Speakers Details



Austin Eubanks

Greg WilliamsAn injured survivor of the Columbine shooting, Austin has now devoted his career to helping others who have journeyed into addiction by way of trauma. He speaks nationally regarding the problems with over-prescribing medication, how anonymity adversely effects youth, the importance of the continuum of care, benefits of treatment centered in empowerment vs. powerlessness, and overcoming trauma as it pertains to addiction.

Austin shares his compelling story which started on that horrific day in April of 1999 at Columbine High School. So many impactful lessons can be learned from listening to Austin. He moves his audience through many ranges of emotions as he traces his journey from that dark day into active addiction and despair and then slowly, finally into the light of recovery. An amazing keynote speaker, Austin can address a variety of audiences and touches on many of the most critical and relevant topics surrounding addiction today.


Austin is currently the Program Director at The Foundry Treatment Center in Colorado.


He came to the rehabilitation industry by way of his own personal recovery after a decade-long career as an advertising executive. After years on both the agency and the client sides of marketing, Austin found inspiration through his own recovery to focus his professional talents on the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry.


He combines his professional background in advertising and brand strategy with his personal experience in recovery to facilitate progress in both program management and business development. Austin’s approach helps bridge the gap between the administrative and clinical functions to ultimately improve quality of care and business performance - another topic he often addresses.

When Austin is not working, speaking or helping others, you will find him exploring new waters with his fly rod and enjoying time with his fiancée and two sons, Caden and Landon.


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