Art of Recovery Expo 9/16/17

Create the Change


The Art of Recovery – is a FREE to the public, one-day event offering educational workshops, resources and solutions to those struggling with an addiction or behavioral health issues.

We believe in the importance and necessity of reaching out to the families and loved ones of people seeking recovery – they often have questions and need answers and support to understand what’s going on in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.


The recovery process is not quick or simple. All families can heal, and it is important to have care that addresses specific needs of the family for effective treatment and long-term recovery.

Parents and loved ones can help motivate others to access treatment, celebrate success and be supportive of the process. When we are well-informed about addiction to alcohol and drugs, and the many pathways to recovery, we become powerful advocates for the services and support any individual might need.


  • Alcohol and drug problems are pervasive in every community. We all are affected directly or indirectly.
  • Too many people are still unaware that prevention works and mental and/or substance use disorders can be treated, just like any other health problem.


Did you know?

The Art of Recovery Expo offers positive solutions to anyone who may be facing challenges. Addiction affects families, businesses and our community. Our goal is to help remove the stigma associated to addiction by providing resources to you.

Millions of lives have been transformed through recovery. While successes often go unnoticed by the broader population, Recovery Month provides a vehicle for everyone to celebrate these accomplishments. Each September the Art of Recovery Expo is proud to be part of the movement for creating change.


Art of Recovery Expo


Together we can:

  • Narrow the gap between the number of people who need treatment and those who get it.
  • Enrich public awareness and approach the challenge together.
  • Offer support to those experiencing mental and/or substance use disorders.
  • Together…. we can help others realize the promise of recovery.


Our sponsors and exhibitors include counselors, private and public agencies, treatment facilities, outpatient clinics, marriage and family therapists and specialists in other areas such as eating disorders, gambling addiction and more. Sponsorships begin at $2,500. Exhibit Booths $550- Nonprofits $275.


Art of Recovery Expo

WHEN: Saturday September 16, 2017—9:30 A.M.- 4:00 P.M.

WORKSHOPS: Workshops will be 30-45 minutes in length. Topics to be determined.

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