2017 Art of Recovery Agenda for the Day
From the Stage

9:30 am Doors Open – Teen Challenge Choir
9:45 am Let’s Get Fit Four Recovery – with Coach Carl Hargrave Coach Carl with get us moving with an inspiring overview of Fitness, Healthy Eating and Staying Strong in Recovery
10:30 am GET INVOLVED – Jim Kreitler, CEO of Calvary Healing Centers and a panel of experts will discuss Ethics in Treatment in Arizona. Get your questions answered before making a decision on which provider to choose for you or your loved one. Panelists: Angie Geren, Addiction Recovery Advocate, Founder of Addiction Haven, Tom Heritage, Cigna Health, Peter Thomas, NAATP (National Association of Treatment Providers) Membership Manager
12:00 Noon Be in the Know, An in depth look at the Opiate Crisis. Stephanie Siete, Public Information Officer for Community Bridges. Stephanie has been providing drug prevention and education services for over 15 years focusing on targeted messages to youth, parents, teachers and administrators in school districts and colleges, locally and nationally.
1:00 pm SAMHSA Special Guest, Dr. Kimberly Johnson
1:15 pm A Moment for Gratitude – Terra Schaad, Hunkapi Horse Programs
1:20 pm Keynote Speaker – AUSTIN EUBANKS - "Austin is a Columbine shooting survivor. His story of trauma, over-prescribed medications, and active addiction is sure to leave a lasting impression on you."

“Taking your best shot: Things to look for when selecting treatment for your loved one.”
with Gary D. Hees MA, LPC and Dave Seymour, Decision Point
Meeting Room 158 - All are welcome. No registration required

(the time will be 10:15 am - 11:45)